Ghostly Items

Ghosts, spirits, things that go beyond "bump in the night."

A page of links to ghost sightings in NH and WA, other ghostly links, references and other things.

But why? Well the personal story here may explain one aspect of my belief. There is so much more.

Long before Ghost Hunters were even a drip in the plumbers eye, I have been here.

Do you need help with a ghostly presence, some unexplainable happenings? Send us an email. We are not just investigators, but there to listen and give you ideas for living with the presence. We might be able to help some presences move on too over time, if they will go. We can guide you also on trying to let the presence move on too.

You are not alone!

Everything we do is confidential, no charge!

We love to investigate and do our work!

So send that email today we would love to talk with you.

A work in progress…

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