Bedard Haunting


In Dover a brick house built in 1939.

Original owner was a Mr. Bedard, confined to a wheelchair. He was a wealthy widower and he died alone in the house in 1956.

In 1992 the current owners related that a number of manifestions had been observed.

Stange scratching sounds in the attic.

Doors inexplicably slamming themselves closed.

Face of an elderly gentleman that is seen momentarily staring into the living room from outside the window.

Same elderly gentleman seen sitting in a wheelchair in an unused bedroom.

Strongest manifestions around Christmas. Ornaments overnight removed from the tree, sometimes numerous times before left alone. Presents removed and hidden in various parts of house. Loud thumping sounds inside the house walls on Christmas day. Once the Christmas dinner turkey was dragged off the table onto the floor!

In 1948, Mr Bedard's wife died on Christmas day. It is said  he loathed every Christmas after that.


Copyright John S. Gaythorpe 1999