"Ocean-Born" Mary


"Ocean-Born" Mary Wilson, was born on a ship of Scotch-Irish emigrants crossing to the new world. It is said that the pirate, Captain Pedro, spared the ship because of the child. Her family settled in Londonderry, she grew up to be a red haired, blue eyed, six feet tall beauty, all the while Captain Pedro kept in touch. Mary married a man with a last name of Wallace and had four boys.

Meanwhile Captain Pedro decided to retire, as far inland as possible. He brought 100 acres in Henniker and had his ship's carpenters build him a mansion. Captain Pedro then contacted Mary, whose husband had died and asked her to become his housekeeper.

Mary went and lived at Henniker to the ripe old age of 94, in 1814, when she died.

Prior to her death Captain Pedro died and was buried at his request, under the kitchen hearthstone, where he lies to this day.

Mary's ghost has appeared on many occasions, along with other manifestations. There was one ghost moved from the house, but not the real owner Mary.

Mary loves her house and is very protective of it.

There is plenty more to this story, I hope one day I will have time to write it all.