The General and the Devil


General Johnathan Moultan born 1726, died 1787. Married twice, first to Abigail and then to Sarah.

He supposedly sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for gold. His first house was burnt down by the Devil after Moultan tried to trick him. His new house still bears his name and a local reputation as "the haunted house". Abigail died under mysterious circumstances and is reputed to haunt the house. Moultan immediately married his first wife's companion, a much younger women. The general shocked the whole countryside by stripping his dead wife of her jewels and rings, including her wedding ring. He gave them all to Sarah when he married her.

Something white and spectral woke Sarah with a start, a wraith tore the rings from her fingers. Abigail came to claim her own.

When the general died in 1787, no one was satisfied that he was truly buried. The grave was opened up and the coffin was found to be empty.

Sarah lived there until her death.

The man who brought the house after Sarah's death, could not keep his servants because of the number of ghosts.

In 1919 the whole house was moved across the street. Supposedly the house was exorcised in the middle of the last century, but one never knows…