Personal Ghostly Experience

There I was at the Catholic Ecumenical center again, the only non-Catholic in this leadership course. The main house, an old very large hunting lodge (mansion to some people), the latest version built in the 1700's. The house with extensive grounds and various outbuildings, including a separate Carmelite convent and church belonged to the Archdiocese of Leeds in England. The name of the place Wood Hall. This time I could not get a room by myself in one of the outbuildings, a converted stable, but had to bunk with three other guys in the main house. We all went to bed about the same late time. The room was on the first floor (2nd floor USA) in the right hand rear of the house, large almost square at 25'x25' with a couple of closets and one alcove nearly opposite the rooms large window. The curtains did not keep out all of the nights light.

I am a very light sleeper and at that time did not sleep well with other people in the room. I was in the right hand bed in the alcove, another young guy, junior police officer, was in the bed on the left. Across the room two beds were against the opposite wall, one under the window. It was early morning still dark, not a full moon night, but light enough to see objects in the room. I awoke with a start, looking across the room, a figure moved towards the alcove, I was frozen in place just watching. It was gray, but then because of the night almost anything is in shades of gray to black.

The figure knelt at the end of the bed next to mine, at first I thought I saw a skeletal face but then it resolved into a face of a nun in a habit. I shouted "hey", the young guy next to me sat bolt upright and loudly exclaimed "what the…", at which point the other guys awoke and then we put the light on. The young police officer said he saw something at the end of his bed. I told them what I saw. We all tried to sleep after that, not a lot of luck though. I watched the dawn arise.

Before breakfast we were discussing the event with all the other young people in the group, including one of the nuns (not in full habit) that helped run the place. That is when we found out about the "Gray Nun" and other ghosts about the place. It seems the gray nun had been seen multiple times, including during daylight, in the grounds. No one had any explanation of who it could have been in the past.

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