Picture of me!

John S. Gaythorpe, CISSP

A work in progress�

Extensive experience in the computer industry

Director level management of technical teams, including the whole of IT, with extensive hands on experience. Security is always a concern today and as a current CISSP,
My emphasis is importance of having a security framework around all of IT.

Networking, Linux/UNIX and Windows systems are just some of my skills, along with quite a variety of software.

Experience includes systems programming, application programming, operations and telecommunications.

I have worked in various locations across the world

I have a history that includes large IBM mainframes, with a stint working for big blue too, along with large UNIX systems from SUN, IBM (AIX) and HP.
PC experience includes most flavors OS's including: Windows, MacOSX and Linux.
Programming experience includes a variety of mainframe languages, BASIC, C, now C++,
with various scripting languages; although I do not claim to be an expert in all of them!

There is plenty more and if you would like to know EMAIL me, it is not often I get to talk about myself.

Please send any EMAIL to: John@gaythorpe.net

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